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What are SIG Package?

    SIG packs are sterile packaging, similar to Tetra Pak packaging.

    Every day, tens of thousands of people around the world consume countless drinks to quench their thirst, and the paper packaging provider of these drinks is SIG Comerbag. The reason for choosing SIG Commebag is both simple and compelling -- SIG Commebag is one of the global food industry partners.

SIG Combote is one of the world's leading system suppliers of beverage and food carton packaging and filling equipment. The aseptic filling process adopted by SIG Combic guarantees maximum product quality. In order to meet the needs of consumers to obtain the delicious food in the package conveniently and labor-saving.

    Light, strong, delicate

    Light, strong and compact are the advantages of aseptic paper packaging of Kangmei Bag. Its origin can be traced back to 1920 in Germany, where the first generation of liquid paper packaging system became a great success due to its convenience and the establishment of PKL company. PKL achieved international success after Kangmei Bao's aseptic paper packaging was introduced in 1976, followed by the successful development of a sterile soup filling system containing granules in 1985 and the development of a landmark Kangmei Cap in the field of paper packaging in 1993. In 1989, the PKLCombibloc was further strengthened by joining the SIG Group. With a long history, the company has always been committed to technology leadership, and a number of proprietary technologies have been applied to the system.

    Variable size

    Multiple dimensional transformations give flexibility. In the increasingly changeable market competition in the future, different regions and different age consumer requirements for packaging capacity differences will be very obvious. Therefore, from the perspective of equipment investment and production costs, it will be strategic to be able to carry out a variety of size capacity transformation. The Comme Package system can perform up to five size changes on a standard single device in about five minutes, and no other system in the world offers similar features.

    Carton preforming

    The machine on the carton brings stability. In terms of production cost, Kangmei bag system helps customers stand out from many competitors. Kangmei Packaging System has long abandoned the traditional paper-roll machine way, and become the world's only supplier of aseptic system using paper-box machine. Kangmei Bao delivers the prototype of the carton which has been cut and back sealed to the customer, thus avoiding the loss caused by cutting and back sealing, the pressure on the paper roll forming packaging material and the wear and tear of spare parts in the production process of the customer, and effectively reducing the production loss rate. The pre-forming process of the carton, its unique hem back seal, seal firmly, greatly reduce the flow link in the leak, effectively control the user's production costs.

    Fine printing

    Good printing brings high added value. Since paper packaging prevents people from seeing the drink itself directly, the effect of printing is crucial. The intaglio printing technology adopted by Kangmei bag system makes the pattern on the surface of the paper package clear, vivid and colorful, which can vividly show the extraordinary quality of high-quality products. This series of advantages make Kangmei bag system in large size packaging advantages more obvious. With the increase of per capita consumption, large packaging products will become the consumption trend in the future. Due to its unique filling method and high quality paper material, Kangmeitao system has become a supplier of aseptic paper packaging with a capacity larger than 1 liter. According to the market demand, the cb4 system developed by Kangmeitao is more capable of providing 2-liter packaging specifications. Products of this specification have been met with consumers in China and have been well received

    High speed machine, low wear

    High speed machines bring competition. Kangmei Packaging Systems has been a mature supplier of aseptic systems with over 10,000 packages per hour for several years. The advantages of high speed machine in reducing plant space, equipment investment and resource consumption are obvious. It is worth mentioning that the high production rate of the high speed system does not increase the running speed of the components, thus maintaining the consistent advantages of the low wear of the components of the system.

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