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Liquid aseptic packaging market competition is fierce domestic packaging enterprises gradually break the monopoly

    As early as the 1970s, Tetra Pak began to appear in China. The moment Tetra Pak appeared in 1972, it was the beginning of the market monopoly of Tetra Pak, which occupied more than 90 percent of the market share for decades. Just a few years back, it was common for customers to stumble across the word Tetra Pak when buying a wide range of aseptically packaged milk products in large supermarkets or drinking them at home. At that time, the only thing you could stumble across about sterile packs was the word Tetra Pak, to some extent. But now, when drinking domestic aseptic package products, you will find aseptic package manufacturers and more Funmei Packaging Co., LTD., Guangxia (Xiamen) Packaging Co., LTD., when drinking foreign aseptic packaging products, you will find such large companies as Kang Mei Package Co., LTD. Therefore, Chinese packaging enterprises gradually began to have their own market.  

    As a Chinese saying goes, when a tree is beautiful, the wind will destroy it. Earlier, because Tetra Pak Company was established early, some technical advantages, some small wind can not shake this tree with deep roots, therefore, the packaging enterprises dare not speak. Later, Tetra Pak cooperated with Mengniu and Yili to contract the whole aseptic package industry chain. The monopoly trend of enterprises became increasingly obvious. The public packaging companies complained greatly in private but did not dare to denounce publicly. Sure enough, it did not break out in silence, but died in silence. Among the many domestic packaging companies that made continuous efforts, Fenmei, which was also called Shandong Quanlin Packaging Co., LTD., became the domestic company that could directly compete with Tetra Pak.  

    The improvement of domestic aseptic packaging market competitiveness directly provides an opportunity to break Tetra Pak's monopoly. On July 5, 2013, the relevant authorities have registered a case against Tetra Pak of Sweden on suspicion of abusing its dominant market position, and are now organizing industrial and commercial authorities of 20 provinces and cities to conduct relevant investigations. At present, in the market research of major supermarkets, it is not difficult to find that most sterile packets of children's milk drinks are packaged by Tetra Pak. However, for adults, the sales volume is wide, such as pure milk of Mengniu and pure milk of Yili, skim milk, high calcium milk, low fat and high calcium milk, the sterile packets of Dispute Mei are used. And Jiamei aseptic package is mainly placed in the market of other soybean drinks, such as the newly listed Huiyi brand. Kommerbags, which competes with Tetra Pak worldwide, supplies aseptic packaging to some of the best-known brands exported to China from Germany and Switzerland. These are not hard to find in the supermarket.

It must be said that Tetra Pak, as a large company with many years of development, still enjoys a good reputation for food enterprises. Therefore, even in the case of being chased by other wolves, Tetra Pak still occupies 60% of the market. But 40% of the market share, domestic packaging companies in this can occupy 30% of the market share, can have such a large market share, which was never dreamed of before, and the dream of the reality, now in front of the realization, the author believes that in the future development, domestic aseptic packaging will still create a miracle, occupy a larger market.

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