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What is aseptic brick packaging?

    Aseptic brick is a packaging system with food cardboard as the base material, which is composed of polyethylene, paper, aluminum foil, etc. It is a high-tech food preservation method, which refers to a packaging technology in which the packaged liquid food is sterilized for a short time before packaging, and then filled and sealed under aseptic conditions, that is, the packaging, the packaging and the packaging auxiliary equipment are all sterile.


Generally around 180-2000ml. It can be divided into two types of application: refrigerated packaging and room temperature packaging. There are four main raw materials for sterile bricks commonly used in the market: cardboard, polyethylene, aluminum foil and ink.

The cardboard

It does not directly touch the contents of the package, but it is an important part of the package, accounting for about 75% of the weight of the whole package. The main function is to strengthen the stiffness and hardness of the packaging molding.

The polyethylene

Food grade polyethylene in aseptic packaging, accounting for about 20% of the weight of the whole package, the main role is to prevent liquid leakage and microbial invasion.

The aluminum foil

The weight of aluminum foil in aseptic packaging only accounts for about 5% of the whole package. Its main function is to avoid light and block air permeability, keep the contents from being oxidized, reduce nutritional loss, and keep the taste fresh.

The ink

The weight of ink in aseptic packaging is very small, but it is very important for health and safety. In the market for dairy and beverage packaging printing ink is mainly solvent ink and water-based ink.

Field of Application

Aseptic brick is widely used in liquid dairy products, vegetable protein drinks, fruit juice drinks, wine products and drinking water processing, aseptic packaging materials can be packaged including milk, juice and drinks, wine, water, tomato products, soup, sweet, nutritional food and other products.

The development

Aseptic brick packaging materials not only in the dairy industry has a good space for development, but also in other industries have a considerable development. In beverage industry, a large number of key enterprises have approached or reached the international advanced level of technology equipment. In the future, the beverage industry will have a great demand for packaging equipment, especially the filling equipment of tea, juice and other non-gas-containing drinks. More than 90% of the domestic aseptic packaging materials market is still occupied by Tetra Pak, SIG Bag.


Aseptic brick packing material has a good development trend because of its advantages. The main reasons are two, the first, our country milk production is mainly in the north, while the south of milk consumption is larger than the north, the room temperature milk packaging appears especially urgent. Second, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for fruit juice drinks and tea drinks increases year by year. As a result, the demand for aseptic packaged foods is increasing. In the next few years, the output and quality of domestic aseptic composite packaging materials will be greatly improved. In the future, it is possible to enter Yili, Mengniu, Guangming and other famous domestic dairy groups, thus breaking the monopoly situation of multinational enterprises. The development prospect of aseptic packaging is very good, in urgent need of policy support from relevant national departments, aseptic packaging products in the low-end market vicious competition and the domestic high-end aseptic packaging market handed over to multinational enterprises.

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