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Advanced Technology

     Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the scientific outlook on development, talent-based, honest business principles, technology research and development and talent training as the company's development goals. Introduce foreign advanced information technology, management methods and enterprise experience, improve production management level and ability, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition always maintain competitiveness. And every year in the research and development of very large investment, and obtained excellent results, won the local high-tech enterprise honorary title.

    Generally speaking, the production process of plastic bottle caps on the market can be roughly divided into two kinds: the production process of pressure plastic caps and the production process of injection caps. Our company uses injection molding technology.

    Production process of injection cap:

    Injection mold volume is large, the replacement of trouble, injection molding per mold out of multiple caps requires greater pressure, material heating temperature is higher, energy consumption is higher than pressure plastic. Put the mixed material into the injection molding machine, heat the material to about 230 degrees Celsius in the machine to become semi-plasticized state, through the pressure injection into the abrasive cavity, cooling finalize.

    The bottle cap cooling shrinkage grinding tool rotates counterclockwise and pushes the bottle cap out under the action of the pushing plate to realize the automatic fall off of the bottle cap. The screw rotation demoulding can ensure the complete forming of the whole thread and effectively avoid the deformation and scratch of the bottle cap. After cutting the anti-theft ring and putting the seal ring in the bottle cap, a complete bottle cap production is completed.