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Strict Production

     The production system of manufacturing enterprises is the main carrier to build competitiveness, and the quality management of product manufacturing process is an important function of enterprises. Its functional strategy satisfies and serves the overall strategy of enterprises, so it is at the heart of the functional management of enterprises. The "good and bad" of the construction of its process control ability is the major guarantee and cornerstone for the survival and development of enterprises, and also the key task to win the future competition.

    The essence of production quality process control is to organize effective production, accurately identify and manage potential quality hazards in the product manufacturing process, and constantly improve the driving force of self-continuous improvement, which is the process of continuous improvement of the management system. However, in reality, due to the result-oriented management of production and manufacturing, we are unaware of the potential quality hazards, or even insensitive, so that we ignore the control in advance and in the process, resulting in frequent production quality accidents, managers cannot accurately judge the running state of quality control, and the process rectification drive is weak. We can draw lessons from Heinrich's rule to summarize the cause: "For every major accident, there will be 29 minor accidents and 300 potential hazards."

    To strengthen the quality control of the production process is to effectively identify the potential hazards caused by inaccurate production organization, uncoordinated process order, untimely information transmission, unclear division of rights and responsibilities, and unreasonable analysis tools, so as to prevent the occurrence of major and large production quality accidents.