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Rigorous Inspection

    Gatekeeping is the most basic function of product quality inspection, also known as quality assurance function. Identification is the premise of "check", through identification can judge whether the quality of the product is qualified. Without identification, the quality status of products cannot be determined, and it is difficult to achieve quality "check". So the identification function is the basis of the quality test function.

    Effect of prevention

    The important difference between modern quality inspection and traditional inspection is that modern quality inspection not only plays the role of check, but also plays the role of prevention. The preventive effect of testing is mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

    (1) Play a preventive role through the measurement of process capacity and the use of control charts

    (2) It plays a preventive role through the first inspection and inspection in process production

     Function of reporting

    The function of reporting is also the function of information feedback. This is to enable senior managers and relevant quality management departments to grasp the quality status in the production process in time and evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the quality system. In order to make the right quality decisions and understand the changes of product quality, the inspection results must be reported, especially the calculated indicators, and fed back to the management decision-making department and related management departments, so as to make the right judgment and take effective decision-making measures.

    Effect of improvement

    The participation of quality inspection in quality improvement is the key to give full play to the role of quality control and prevention, as well as the concrete embodiment of the participation of inspection departments in quality management.